Our Services

Cultivation & Planting

  • Ploughing: This involves the process wherey we loosing and turn over the soil. This ensures that the upper layer are turned, bringing fresh nutrients, and more fertile soil to the surface of the field. Which in turn improves farm yield.
  • Treatment of seeds, stems, etc: Seeds/grains of maize, rice, bean, as well as stem and tubers of cassava and yam respectively, are treated, properly stored until they are required for planting
  • Planting: At each plants respective planting season; that yield most. They are carefully planted, manually and mechanical, for the best result.
  • Watering and weedingAfter planting, for optimal result, we take the watering and weeding processes seriously. Watering provides some of the most needed element for plant’s survival, while weeding reducing the competition for available nutrients by our main plant.

Processing and Distribution

  • Harvesting: We provide manual and mechanical harvesting (depending on plants) services, with our heavy machinery and highly skilled workers.
  • Processing of Farm Outputs: We process all kinds of farm outputs. Contact our support for more details.
  • Distributions: We offer wholesales distribution of farm products within Nigeria, as well as export services outside the nation.

Partnership, Investment and Expert Consultations

  • Consultation For Startups and Established Business: We provide consultation and supports for startups and establish company. From acquisition of land, to provision of the best specie of seedlings, etc. Contact Support for more details.
  • Investment Opportunity: We offer investment opportunities to individuals or organizations willing to invest. Contact support for details.
  • Partnership with Startups: We try as much as possible to encourage start up farmers. You can discuss your proposals with us; Contact support now!